I still can’t wait for this one.  They’re claiming fully destructible environments.  We’ll see.  But even so, I can’t wait.


When that girl was carving a B on her face, then tried to blame it on an Obama supporter, didn’t she realize that mirrors show things in reverse? What a dolt.

I wanted to love Dead Space.  But I suffered through all of its ultra-linear gameplay that desperately needed a compelling story or array of awesome weaponry.

Dead Space is a sci-fi, horror, survival, 3rd person, shooter set in deep space. You play Isaac Clarke, an engineer sent to fix a seemingly routine communications problem aboard a mining ship. But when you arrive, you find that there’s a much larger problem than a minor communications breakdown. Scores of alien creatures have inhabited the ship and killed nearly all of its human crew. Once you’re trapped on the ship, you’re left to survive with the help of only two other crew mates.

Dead Space takes a lot from other games of the same genre, but fails to provide the story of BioShock, the scares of Resident Evil, or the game mechanics of Half Life. Read the rest of this entry »

I’m not tired of WWII games (Thanks Call of Duty for going back to WWII!). I could kill fuck faced nazis all day. But there are two games stealth-style shooters set in WWII coming out soon and I have to choose one. One, Velvet Assassin, looks kinda lame. The other, Saboteur, looks amazing.

The concept is interesting. You play an Irishman whose stuck in Paris during the nazi occupation. There’s a “you killed my family, now I’m going to get revenge” plot line involved, so I’m hoping the story isn’t too lame. I still think that Medal of Honor: Underground is the best French Resistance game. But maybe Pandemic can outdo EA this time around.

Viva La France!

BioWare is working on a new RPG successor to Baldur’s Gate called Dragon Age: Origins.  I’m a huge fan of Mass Effect, KOTOR, and Jade Empire, so this one’s high on my excited to play list. Dragon Age is slated to be released in early 2009, and I can’t wait.

he wants his Wario commercial back.

I’m fucking buying Mirror’s Edge.  The new trailer is awesome.

I finished Braid last week.  It was awesome.  It’s innovative, fun, emotional, challenging, and exciting.  Buy it now and don’t cheat.  The satisfaction of gaining each puzzle piece is worth the frustration.

Like I said, the writing is terrible, but there’s a compelling ending that’s worth a full play through.

Now that I’m done, though, I wish I could sell it back.  There’s barly any replay value.

This is Jason sent me this article about how you’re playing the bad guys in Gears of War.

According to the article titled Why You’re Actually Playing as the Bad Guys in Gears of War:

“Brave humans battling valiantly for the bright future of their world against a soulless alien horde? Not at all. Arrogant human invaders trying vainly to maintain their stranglehold on an abused and suppressed planet. That’s more like it. Read on to find out why we’ve been playing the bad guys all along.”

So, it turns out the humans aren’t the victims of colonization and oppression–the Locusts are.

While playing the game, I wasn’t thrilled about being a “cog” in a machine anyway.  At least I didn’t get a tattoo of the GOW equivilant of a swastika on my arm.  Idiot.